From a young age on Jolie van Wijngaarden was obsessed with colors, patterns and lights. Always running around and collecting random things, and always hated when she had to throw away things she collected. The objects that were collect where always in relation with colors, patterns or light. Finding beauty in objects others wouldn’t define as beautiful things. As a gradate Interaction Designer at the art academie of Artez she is fascinated by the aesthetic parts of 3D software, light, colors, patterns and storytelling. She would love to move to a digital landscape.

Artez University of the Arts
Interaction Design
Graduated in 2020

SintLucas Boxtel
Stand- Store and Decor building and design
Graduated in 2016

2monochannels - Athens
Bruns - Bergeijk
Het Lux Lab - Eindhoven
Healthy Food Company - Eindhoven


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