My name is Jolie van Wijngaarden. I'm an Interaction Design student at the Art Academy Artez Arnhem, The Netherlands. I graduated form SintLucas Boxtel in 2016 as a Stand- Store and Decor building and design. I got really interested in using technology and design in order to tell stories. Also I like to look into how aesthetics can contribute to conveying a concept.
In my work I use multiple layers on top of each other, to give the idea of multiple dimensions. Often there is one layer that corresponds with reality as we know it, combined with slightly surrealistic layers.

Artez University of the Arts
Interaction Design
2016 - current study

SintLucas Boxtel
Stand- Store and Decor building and design
Graduated in 2016

Bruns - Bergeijk
Het Lux Lab - Eindhoven
Healthy Food Company - Eindhoven

First Lego League, Brabant voor Techniek